About the Meathead

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Hi! I’m Kelli and I’m the meathead behind Confessions of a Meathead. I’m an Iowa kid at heart but call Colorado home. I love a good bloody mary, sunshine and Fridays!

I started this blog to connect with like-minded meatheads and share some of my own experiences navigating the meathead world. But I also want to share when I trip and stumble along the way, which happens more often than not. I hope to be authentic and transparent in my meathead journey.

When I’m not being a meathead I love buying plane tickets to everywhere, indulging in Gram’s food at her kitchen table in Iowa, strapping a snowboard to my feet and pushing myself down mountains, and trying hard to put a dent in my Colorado activity to-do list.

I love a good meathead confession so don’t hesitate to reach out and share your own meathead story. I look forward to hearing from you!



The Meathead