Confession: I Survived Bikini Peak Week (Twice!)…

Bikini Peak Week

…Surprisingly, (my) bikini peak week wasn’t made of the horror stories or craziness you hear about. And for that I’m thankful!  As a first time bikini competitor I have never experienced a “peak week.” But the nerd in me did my research…and holy moly there is only about 78 different ways to go about it. Luckily, I have a rockin’ coach that has tried just about every which way and knows what will and won’t work. Like she said, you either are ready for the stage or you’re not. The end. I hear ya, so I just listened and am thankful I […]

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Confession: I Received My Tanning Instructions And What The ???

Bikini Prep Shaving

…The Interesting World of Bikini Competition Tanning. I booked my tanning appointment  for my bikini competition in addition to the 18.5 other appointments I seem to have on my calendar for my competition show weekend. I went with a Friday evening time so I didn’t have to rush out of work to get there (it’s a 1.5 hour drive). I may come to find out this is a mistake but I digress to the rules of fake tan beyond belief preparation. 1. Shave your entire body 7 days out (Did I read that right?) Serious question, if you aren’t married or […]

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Confession: My (Non-Meathead) Friends Think I’m A Total Weirdo

Explaining and Understanding a Meathead World Bikini Competition. Say what? You’re going to do what? Tiny bikinis? What do you win? Why are you doing this again? Seriously, let me buy you a beer. The questions, comments and concerns surrounding a first time bikini competitor sometimes gets overwhelming. It’s hard to explain to friends and family that have never hear do such a thing of what you are competing in and why you are doing it. And can be super frustrating when they don’t want to support your goals. I’m pretty sure my Grandma is still pissed I rebuffed her […]

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