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Confession: I Cheated On My Gym.

Ironically, the day I posted my first fitness floozie gym review about my beloved gym, it was randomly closed when I showed up at 6 a.m. as usual. It was odd and annoying as I keep a tight morning schedule with my coveted gym time. Luckily, I knew there was a gym down the street I have previously tried out in my gym floozie days and headed that way for a workout and a gym review.
Aspire Fitness Gym Review

Located at 655 Wadsworth Blvd in Arvada, CO is a fairly new gym called Aspire Fitness. I was grateful to find it open and a welcoming face waiting for me at the front desk at 6 a.m. I paid an $8 drop-in fee and got on with it.

At first glance it has an industrial feel with bright, wake you up colors. I hate feeling claustrophobic or even worse, having a sweaty person rub up against due to lack of space so I was happy with the open feel and plenty of space for activities! After my morning workout I was trying to figure out why I didn’t join this gym after my first visit. I’m still not entirely sure.


  • Thier uber clean locker room. Bright and airy and clean showers. No standing water. And really just dang clean.

Aspire Fitness Gym Review

  • This place was empty. Even emptier than the 10 people that make up the morning gym crowd at my place. I never saw another soul in the locker room pre or post workout through showering and getting ready for work. That free reign gym feel is my favorite!


  • It’s is $10 a month, I kid you not. I would gladly just give them $120 and meathead out for the year. Also, it is open 24 hours. Again, why haven’t I joined???


  • The have a turf lane/sled push/cardio zone. I am probably just distracted by shiny new things but I spent my entire cardio time up and down this turf. They also have a move theater style cardio room, which is right up my cardio alley. Anything to distract me and make those cardio minutes fly by (if that’s even a thing). I could definitely get my cardio on here. Lastly, they also have “cardio on demand” which in theory sounds pretty cool. It features over 200 automated classes you can choose from. You essentially pick your workout, a screen comes down in the workout room and you follow along to the workout video. If classes were my jam or I was really struggling for cardio ideas I could get on board but this probably isn’t a feature I would use. But still a cool concept.

Aspire Fitness Gym Review

  • Bumper plates! I am a meathead geek that just likes to throw down my dang deadlift bar every once in a while (in the most non-annoying way possible, I promise).

Aspire Fitness Gym Review


  • No wifi. I pay for a sad smidge of data plan and am cognizant about going over. I listen to music and podcasts and sometimes need to answer emails most mornings at the gym and this is kind of a deal breaker. Although, their music was turned up and not horrible. I’m on the fence with this one.


  • Lack of plates. I squat, and press and shit. While I was able to round up enough plates for a pyramid lift that morning if there would have been one other person squatting it may have been a different story. Perhaps they have plans for more as membership increases but right now it feels a little light for plate quaintity and takes some extra time rounding up the plates you need.


  • Only 2 stair steppers. Wa waaa. But they have a crap ton of rowers and other cardio equipment. Alas, I am a stair stepper lover.

Aspire Fitness Gym Review

Aspire Fitness Gym Review


  • A “women only “area. I couldn’t decide if thought this was awesome or if I was a little offended as a capable meathead woman . I didn’t find a need for any of the equipment in there and only went in this area to check if there were those elusive 17.5lb weights. There wasn’t. The hunt continues.


Other amenities:

  • Kids club
  • Tanning (but I will have strong words if you partake!)
  • For $20/month you can get guest pass access with your membership, which I’d almost consider.

Would I recommend this place?

Hell yes, I would recommend this place. I am only not currently a member because of a possible upcoming move and the location not being ideal. The price alone sells me. The fact that there are only a handful of people there warms my little gym heart. And I would put a dent in that turf! I just need a wifi workaround. Until then, the hunt continues as I will be in a need of a new gym in the very near future.

Question for the meathead babes: thoughts on a women only section. Yay or nay? I’m totally interested on your opinion as I can’t decide.

Here’s to happy gym hunting!


-The Meathead



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  1. I feel like the women’s only area may encourage some women to get started on weights, but it’s also kind of insulting and somewhat reinforces the idea that women can’t lift like the guys. If they have all the same things in there I might visit at on after work gym trip because the bros are intolerable at prime time, but that’s it (btw, it’s @lizadina)

    1. I’m glad you said something. I was actually legit curious how other babes felt about this. You gave me a new perspective. It was only machines, one smith machine and free weights up to 40lb. I think I’m still slightly insulted but hope it helps one lady feel better about working out (and avoiding the bros at prime time! Ha!)

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