10 Kitchen Gadgets From Amazon I Need Right Now

10 Kitchen Gadgets I Need From Amazon

I recently bought a house and moved (hence my really crappy attempts at weekly blogging), and have a brand new kitchen to fill with useful kitchen gadgets. I have been keeping an Amazon list of kitchen gadgets I need to purchase until my life felt a bit more organized and since that will never happen I have started my collection.

This post contains affiliate links of things I love. I may earn a small commission for my endorsement and link to any products or services from this post.

Confession: I have empty drawers in my kitchen. Nothing Amazon gadgets can’t fix!

Pineapple Corer: This little gem cuts my pineapple up in the prettiest way, if not possibly the messiest. It might take a bit extra off the edges but if you want to avoid any pineapple peel this is the way to go.

10 Kitchen Gadgets I Need From Amazon

Also, a meathead pizza hack to use the above pineapple corer:

Small tortilla shell + pizza sauce + chicken and pineapple topped with a sprinkle of mozzarella. Pop in the oven for 10 minutes and finish off on broil. My current obsession.

Macros (for 2 mini pizzas!): P: 31 C: 33 F: 10
(Two 4.5 inch tortilla shells, 1/4C pizza sauce, 3oz chicken, 2oz pineapple, 1/4C cheese)

This Cutting Board: Not a science nerd, but I do cook meals periodically (see what I did there) and I enjoy a good chuckle. And one cutting board isn’t cutting it! Ok, I’m done now.

These Coasters: Maybe not exactly a kitchen gadget, but these were on my want list and then as I was reminded of them they magically moved into my cart and currently occupy my coffee table. A bit aggressive but you get the point.

10 Kitchen Gadgets I Need From Amazon

Cookbooks X2: The hungover cookbook or drunken cookbook, depending where I’m at in life. A pretty good chance I fall into one of these categories when trying to cook. I really don’t stand much chance cooking sober either so I might as well give these a go.

A Spiralizer: I currently admire this kitchen gadget from afar. It may be one that sits in my drawer collecting dust or it might be a life changing, zoodle making machine. Contemplating before taking the spiralizer plunge. Any votes yay or nay out there?

Wifi Slow Cooker:  I’m embarrassed to say I just started making crockpot chicken and it’s as easy as everyone says it is! However, it does tend to come out a bit on the dry side. I always want to turn it off early but I am rarely home in time. It would be amazing if I could make that happen from my phone. I realize my chicken may still be dry under my cooking supervision but I’d feel better knowing I gave it my all.

Donut Maker: Do I need to go in depth on this gem? It’s a frickin’ donut maker and I need it. Nough’ said.

Air Fryer: This is probably my next product purchase. I see @krisifenner_fitness making magic happen with hers and I want tasty chicken strips without the extra fat, damn it! I want to “fry” everything.

Pasta Measurer: I don’t eat pasta often, and when I eyeball the measurement I end up leaving about 3 noodles in the box. This cute little pasta measurer could be a game changer in my world. Although I’m almost always hungry as a horse.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

Happy Amazon Shopping!

-The Meathead


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